Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holiday tips for seniors includes dental health.

Special dietary care and concern should be taken into consideration by and for elderly people. Tooth loss, pain, and joint dysfunction (arthritis) can diminish the chewing abilities of elderly people who are on restrictive diets and under medical treatment. These people may be isolated or too weak to shop for, prepare, and/or eat the nutritional meals so vital to their existence.

Toothpaste and/or denture cleaner, a toothbrush and/or a denture brush in their favorite color, dental floss (waxed and unwaxed), and antiseptic mouthwash are things that they use and run out of all the time. I know I do. Throw in some soaps, hand creams, and shampoos you know they like to make a thoughtful gift basket. You’ll be helping people who are on a fixed income save money.

You may want to include some nutritious food in the basket such as crackers, cheese, single serving soups and cereal, tuna fish, peanut butter, canned fruits, their preference of coffee or tea, and their favorite cake or cookies.

That’s a great gift.

Keep smiling.

Saundra Goodman
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